Does Your Home Need New Windows?

Windows don’t just give you a view of the outdoors, they do so much more. Windows are a barrier between you and the harsh Northwest weather. They protect the interior of your home from cold during the winter, rain during the spring, and sun in the summer.

A window that’s been correctly installed and regularly maintained serves that purpose well. A window that hasn’t, though? It’s making your furnace and your wallet work harder. High Performance Homes is a roofing contractor that also specializes in high-efficiency windows. Get the windows your home needs.

Why is there mold in my window?

If your windows have gaps in the frame or seals, they can let in condensation. If you’ve got double-pane windows that condensation can easily contain mold spores. Once they get a little warm from the indoor air? Mold starts to grow. Repairing these seals can be complex, so always call us when you spot mold.

Improve your home with specialty windows.

The most common window type that we replace is a single-pane. Just because it’s the most widely used, doesn’t make it the best window, though. Our specialty windows come with some serious benefits:

Reductions to your energy bill. Most homes have climate controlled heating. When it gets too cold it turns on automatically. If your windows aren’t secure in their frames, they are let out heat. That stresses your heating system. Our double-pane windows are insulated. They are made for heat-efficient and help keep your in-home temperature comfortable and stable.

Soundproof your windows. Are your neighbors keeping you up at night? Are you keeping up your neighbors? Reduce sound pollution with soundproofed windows. They let you enjoy your home so much more, whether you like to enjoy the peace and quiet or an extra loud movie night.

Protect yourself from UV radiation. You might put on sunscreen outdoors, but what about when you’re inside your home? Standard windows don’t offer protection from UV rays. We offer UV-protected windows that keep your skin safe. UV also wears on materials and wall hangings, so the protection you get is going to work even when you aren’t at home.

All of our windows are installed by certified professionals!

No matter what window style you choose, you want a company you can depend on for maintenance, repairs, removal, and insulation needs. While High Performance Homes also provides siding and roofing services, our window installers are specialists. They don’t cross-discipline, are certified, and highly experienced.

This makes all the difference in the work we do, and we’ve seen it all in our 25 years in business. Our seals, moisture barriers, and window caulking are airtight and perfectly cured. Don’t have new windows installed by amateurs and risk losing all of their benefits. Call High Performance Homes for certified installation of your windows.

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  • Installation
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