Vancouver WA’s Three Most Interesting Museums

Have you been to one of Vancouver, WA’s 3 most interesting museums?

Museums offer us a window into the history and culture of a specific time and place. They frequently provide a mix of thrills, thought-provoking information, and a window into the daily life of the people who inhabited the area. Vancouver has an incredibly rich history as one of the earliest settled areas in the West. There are some great museums in Vancouver, WA, and here are three of the best you should make sure to visit.

The Clark County Historical Museum

Clark County has a rich and varied history. There’s no better place to discover it in full than the Clark County Historical Museum. One of the easiest ways to ensure you have a great experience is with a group tour. Staff will guide you through the various exhibits and show you everything the museum offers. This local treasure trove of information is also a valuable research library. What will you find when you visit?

  • The Brautigan Library is housed within the Clark County Historical Museum and houses a collection of over 400 books that have never, and will never be published. These manuscripts span all genres, and you’ll get the pleasure of being one of the only people to ever read these original works.
  • Enjoy varied exhibits that span local history including those on Native beadworks, local Northwestern railways, and even local food across the decades.

Pearson Field and Pearson Air Museum

If you’re interested in local aviary history, then there’s no better place to visit than the Pearson Air Museum. This local museum features some incredible airplanes, dioramas, first-hand experiences, and more regarding the areas inclusion in the production of air-craft and wood exports during World War 1. Just some of what you’ll find include:

  • A full-scale reproduction of the famed French Voisin III bomber. It’s incredible to see what passed for a bomber in 1914 and terrifying to imagine flying in an active warzone in one.
  • Enjoy a great guided tour if you call ahead. This interactive museum even allows young ones to get into the cockpits of several of the fields airplanes. As one of the oldest operating airfields in the country there’s a ton of history at Pearson Airfield to go around.

Columbia Art Center

There aren’t a lot of options for arts lovers in Vancouver, WA, and that’s what makes the Columbia Art Center so important. Not only is it a great place to view works from local artists and traveling exhibitions, it’s also a fully functioning studio where you can learn how to paint, draw, and create with professional instruction. Previous exhibits include:

  • An ARTROspective Ceramics Exhibit that included ceramic pieces from the entire history of the center dating as far back as the 1970’s.
  • A free of charge open mic night that features local poets and authors. It’s a great way to get involved in the local art-scene and experience different ways of creating and viewing the world through art.

Now that you know which museums you’ve got to visit, you might want to view some natural beauty at a great local park or experience a culinary creation at one of Vancouver’s tastiest restaurants.

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