Vancouver WA’s Best Antique Stores

Vancouver WA’s best antique stores

Duke’s Art and Antiques

Nestled on upper Main St. close to Marshall Park, there’s a lot to love about Duke’s Art and Antiques. This is your old school kind of antique store. It doesn’t specialize in boho-fab and harkens back to the olden days of antique stores filled with true antiquities. Duke’s specializes in European and American collectibles and furniture. If you’re missing that one stately piece to let your friends know how worldly you are, Duke’s is where you’ll find it.

House of Vintage

This is your dyed-in-the-wool mid-century antique store. With a wide range of dealers, you can find practically anything at the House of Vintage. Focus is typically on furniture and odd period specific knick-knacks from the 50’s – 70’s. Get ready to fight for a better price though. With another location in Portland, this is one of the few antique stores that can afford to move merchandise between the two if it isn’t doing well in Vancouver.

Mackenzie’s Treasures

If you’re in the market for vintage jewelry, then there’s nowhere better than Mackenzie’s Treasures. This local favorite specializes in unique jewelry from across the world. You’ll find everything from beautifully handcrafted American-Indian made silver pieces to book-chain necklaces from 1800’s Europe. You won’t regret the visit, and you’ll leave with something interesting.

Main St Vintage Home

Main St Vintage Home is your classic anything antique store. It doesn’t play favorites, and you’ll find shop space equally dedicated to local artisans, crafts, artists, and chefs as well as a wide range of vintage items from furniture to handbags, ski-poles, metal art, and much more. With an inviting atmosphere and high-roof it feels a little like Christmas time every time you visit.

Old Glory Antique Mall

There’s a reason that Old Glory Antique Mall has been voted the best antique mall in Clark County for the last 2 years. They do it right. That means you’ll find an insanely eclectic collection from old typewriters to posters, furniture, art, taxidermy, and all manner of antique toy and tchotchke. The most important thing about this selection on our list? The prices are reasonable.

Uptown Attic

This little antique store seems like it was perfectly crafted for a crafter. At Uptown Attic the primary traffic is in goods and antiques that are primed for upcycling. Though they carry a little bit of everything, their specialty lies with handicraft type goods that include linens, glass, clothing, books, paper, and vintage art.

Urban Barnhouse – Vintage Furniture & Garden

This staple in the Vancouver antique scene is housed in the Hidden Brick Horse Barn. You’ll find that most of the major brick landmarks in Vancouver were designed using his bricks. The Urban Barnhouse is devoted to merging the new and the old.

That’s why they sell both vintage furniture and garden equipment alongside new items. Stop in before you hit the garden!

Now that you know where to find the best antiques, see them in their natural habitat by visiting one of Vancouver’s great museums. After that you can grab a quick bite before heading off down a local trail to one of the area’s stunning parks!

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