Three Great Vancouver WA Restaurants

Have you been to one of these great Vancouver, WA restaurants?

George Bernard Shaw said that, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” That sentiment couldn’t be more true. Food doesn’t ask anything of you (if you aren’t the one cooking it.) And gives you flavor, a shared experience, and a full stomach in return. Vancouver, WA is home to some incredible restaurants. Determining which ones are worth your time can be difficult, though.

That’s why we’ve compiled this easy list of the 2 best restaurants for an affordable dinner in Vancouver, WA.

Get a taste of the Mediterranean at Petra House

There’s nothing quite as exciting as finding great foreign food in your own backyard and just down the street from Pacific Community Park. Petra House doesn’t just create amazing dishes though, their restaurant is styled with Mediterranean flair and offers diners a chance to eat at a traditional floor style table or booth.

Your meal always starts with a handwashing using rose water. Everything from the appetizers to the main dishes are excellent and the prices are friendly enough to make this a date night regular.


Sambousak: If you’ve never had these before you’re in for a treat. They’re like hot pockets for adults. Philo-dough is stuffed with a spicy ground-beef and onion mixture and fried. Served with yogurt sauce to beat the heat, it’s a great combination.

Magluba: This traditional dish is like an upside-down cake in presentation. Instead of pineapple and dough you’ll get lamb or chicken, eggplant, potato, and deliciously spiced rice. Pine nuts top off this dish and the flavor is incredible.

Willem’s on Main is your place for great seasonal food

When you want high-end dining without the staggering price tag, Willem’s on Main is your restaurant. Located across from Esther Short Park—from the appetizers to the main dishes, everything coming out of the kitchen is flavored to perfection and fairly priced.

Chicken liver mousse for $6? Yes. Bruschetta for $5? Why not. That extends to the entrees as well, and you’ll want to take special note of whatever is on special. These can be an amazing deal for great food.


The special: The special gets a bad rap. That’s because it typically utilizes ingredients that are close to the end of their shelf life. That isn’t the case at Willem’s. These are ingredients the chef has sourced and labored over. Each dish is carefully crafted and you’ll know it when you taste it. Individual components are great on their own but mixing what’s on your plate yields some incredible flavor combinations.

Pork: The pork dishes here are incredible. Form the always present Elderflower liquor brined pork loin to the occasional inclusion of pork chops, belly, and ribs, be prepared for some of the most flavorful, juicy pork that you’ve ever tasted.

Now that you know where to satisfy your appetite, walk it off with a visit to one of Vancouver, WA’s best local parks or quench your thirst for knowledge at one of the area’s leading museums.

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