The Three Best Parks in Vancouver, WA

Have you been to the best 3 parks in Vancouver, WA?

Vancouver, WA is one of the best places for outdoor enthusiasts. There are a wide range of parks that perfect for fans of the forest, water-front, and pet accompanied play. We’ve chosen three of the best local parks in Vancouver, WA for all three categories—however you enjoy the outdoors, one of these parks is bound to meet your needs.

Wintler Community Park

Nestled next to the Columbia River, Wintler Community Park is connected to adjacent areas by the Waterfront Renaissance Trial. This makes it easy to access it from nearly any point on the Vancouver, WA waterfront. With sprawling access to the river and well-curated walking paths you’ll get to enjoy a river-front view and much more.

There are some great benefits to Wintler that other parks just don’t have.

  • This is the only park in Vancouver with public water access. That means you can bring the family during the hottest parts of Summer and enjoy a safe swim or launch a personal craft like a kayak.
  • Beach access is perfect for picnics and the 12.5 acre park has a number of them. Clear skies provide a beautiful view of neighboring Mount Hood.

Leverich Park

If you’re the type of park goer who enjoys a beautiful walk through the woods, then Leverich Park is made for you. Spanning a massive 16-acres, this park adjoins the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail that travels nearly the entirety of Vancouver. This park is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast and includes a playground as well. What else can you expect from this local park?

  • Get competitive at the park’s 12-hole disc golf course. There are only a handful of disc golf courses in Vancouver, WA and this one takes you through rolling hills across the entirety of the park.
  • Expansive walking paths wind through beautiful forested areas. Low level inclines make them ideal for walkers of any ages. Fall is one of the most beautiful times to visit this park.

Dakota Dog Park

Not everyone has a backyard, but we haven’t met a dog yet that didn’t like an open grassy area. That’s what makes Dakota Dog Park such a stellar option for pet owners. Safety is key and double-gated entry points into this 12-acre fenced-in park are tailor made to provide your canine with a safe place to roam.

  • Training your dog for competition or just want to see if it has the chops to compete? Try out the park’s very own agility area to test your best friend’s mettle.
  • This park is even perfect on rainy, muddy days. It has a dog rinse off area and a separate enclosed section for smaller dogs who want to play with pups their own size.

Now that you know what parks you should visit, check out some of the most interesting museums in Vancouver, WA. Once you’ve learned everything you can in a day it’s time for a great meal at one of the best dinner spots in the area.

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