Roofing Financing

High Performance Homes Offers Roofing Financing Options

Available to homeowners on approved credit, we are proud to offer flexible financing for new roofing systems. Straightforward terms make paying for your roof a little easier on your wallet.

To help homeowners answer that question and empower them to get a new roof, when they need it, High Performance Homes became a member of the esteemed Owens Corning Roofing Contractor Network.

Being a part of this network means our team guarantees excellent service and an excellent product. And it also means we can provide financing on most new roofs.

Interested in financing your new roofing project? Give us a call today.

Accessible Financing On Your Roof

For high-quality contractors who qualify – such as High Performance Homes – Owens Corning grants attractive financing rates to homeowners in need of a new roof. This opens up the possibility of a new roof to people it may have been previously closed off to, or gives options for homeowners who simply may not want to pay the entire cost of a roof upfront.

Guaranteed Roofing Quality

Membership with Owens Corning is only possible for companies who meet the high standards set by the company. That means that with us, homeowners know they are getting a high-quality roof, impeccable professionalism along with the financing rates that make a new roof accessible for most.

Fully-Covered Roofing Systems

With us, homeowners aren’t just getting a new roof, they’re getting a new “roofing system.” Because all components of a new roofing system come from a single approved manufacturer, in addition to the favorable financing rates offered, the roof is fully-covered for a longer period of time.

To learn more about our financing options, give us a call today.

Raising the Roofing Industry

What would a roof from High Performance Homes be if it didn’t “perform?”

One of the factors that allows us to provide favorable financing rates is that with our roofs – quality is a guarantee.

Between the wet climate for much of the year, and the high heat in the summer, roofs have to work hard to hold up to extremes. We make sure they do.

Making a New Roof a Reality

Between the financing options and the unparalleled workmanship, High Performance Homes does everything it can to make sure you end up with the roof your home deserves.

Credit exclusions may apply, but for most of our clients, the ability to pay off their roof over the long term turns a needed repair from painful to manageable.

If you need a new roof, we encourage you to give us a call to find out how flexible financing can make your new roof a reality.

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