The Zone!


Laminated shingles are the most popular type of shingle available today. This is because they offer a very pleasing appearance and enhance the visual appeal of your home. Laminated shingles require extra diligence during application because they typically provide the roofing contractor with a very narrow area in which the fasteners must be placed (generally between 3/8” and 1/2”).

The average 25 square residential roof installation requires over 6,000 fasteners. Correct placement of so many fasteners in such a small area is extremely difficult and time consuming. Most roofing crews are paid ‘piece work rates’ based on the number of squares installed. Market research indicates that a substantial majority of laminated shingle roofs are not installed correctly. Manufacturers require correct installation for their warranty to be in effect.

Malarkey Roofing ProductsTM (Ma- larkey) created The Zone® to eliminate the inherent conflict between fast installation and accurate fastener placement. Malarkey laminate shingles equipped with The Zone® have a         1-3/4” nailing area, which is more than three times larger than other laminate shingles. With the benefit of Malarkey‘s larger nailing area your roofing contractor’s crew can rapidly and accurately install fasteners which are critical to a successful roofing project.

Voiding a manufacturer’s warranty is not the only problem with incorrectly installed laminate shingles. One of the more noticeable effects of poor fastener placement, especially on steeper slopes, is the possibility that the backing strip may slip out from underneath the top layer of the laminate shingle. This can result in roof failure or a very unsightly roof.

Laminate shingles without The Zone® face other problems like ‘troughing’. Troughing occurs where the laminated shingle transitions from a two layer product to a single layer. It is not uncommon for a roofer to drive nails just above the area where the two shingle layers meet (Note: This is considered incorrect installation). This ‘pulls’ the laminated shingle’s top layer down to the roof deck, creating a trough. Troughing allows water to run sideways under the shingle, resulting in leaks. Shingles featuring The Zone® provide a substantially larger overlap area and are constructed with a tapered backing strip which eliminates troughing.

An additional advantage of Malarkey shingles featuring The Zone® is that they provide a significant reduction in the possibility of blow-back leaks. Blow-back leaks occur when a shingle’s rain seal (the glue line at the top of the backing strip on a laminated shingle) is breached. When this happens, water blown a mere 1/2” up the back of a shingle can leak behind it.

Blow-back leaks, when compounded by the troughing effect mentioned above, can lead to complete failure of a roofing system. Malarkey addresses this problem by increasing the size of the overlap area as well as adding a second rain seal line for increased protection from blow-back leaks, providing you twice the protection of other laminated shingles.

No matter what criteria you use when selecting shingles for your next project, insist on their correct installation. The risks associated with incorrect application far outweigh ANY other consideration.

The Zone® is a feature available on all Malarkey laminated architectural shingles.



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