What Elements do You Want on Your New Roof?

What elements do you want on your new roof?

Building a new roof means the opportunity to customize it to your liking. That makes a new roof an exciting proposition. The sky is the limit. There are a lot of roofing elements that are particular to a single style, have fallen out of favor, or aren’t widely known about.

Let’s look at some of the more interesting elements you might find on a neighboring roof, or can integrate into your design.
Use your roof as additional floor space.

Entertaining on your roof

Using a roof as an entertainment area requires extra support in the building process. Not only does it need to withstand human weight, it must hold whatever you put on it. Whether it’s a ping-pong table, outdoor furniture, or some potted plants, your roof cannot collapse.

That means carefully determining the weight rating of your roof from the very beginning, and framing it accordingly.

Turning your roof into a garden or eco-system

Entertaining isn’t the only use for that extra space. Many homeowners have opted for garden roofs or landscaped green roofs. These help the environment, and your roof, in many ways. Because you’ll have grass, growing plants and vegetables, or both on your roof, rainwater will soak into the earth and greenery instead of going down the drain.

That helps protect your foundation, and filters out that water before it goes back into your local water table.

Keep watch with an observation room!

An observation tower or room can be constructed through the middle of your roof. This will have its own smaller roof on top, but provides an amazing place to stargaze, look out over the scenery, or just relax on a cloudy day.

Many homeowners with larger properties or a vista that isn’t viewable from a second or even third story opt for an observation room. These can be built to spec, and don’t even need to take up a lot of space to provide the benefit you’re looking for.

Go green with a grass roof.

Not all green roofs are meant for entertaining. One of the first styles of roof was made using mud, and they would frequently grow grass on top. This was a must for pioneers, but they also provided great insulation while helping with water control. Current iterations of grass roofs are much lighter while providing the same benefits as the originals.

Now that you know some of the more interesting aspects of roof design are, and we’ve covered new roofs, let’s look at the different ways a roof can be repaired. You don’t always need a new roof, and our team can repair any style of roof you have.

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