Why House Windows in Vancouver Get Foggy in the Rain

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What to do about foggy windows in Vancouver, WA

If you’re like most people, you probably remember drawing smiley faces in the condensation that formed on your bedroom window. Now that you’re an adult, foggy windows are usually just an annoyance. You want a view of your yard or neighborhood, not of a collection of moisture droplets. Is condensation harmful? What causes it? What can you do about it? If you’ve got questions, you’re in the right place, because High Performance Homes knows all about windows in Vancouver.

Installing Windows in Vancouver, WA

What exactly is condensation on a window?

You know that the air around you isn’t just gas. It contains traces of liquid water suspended in midair. This is called humidity. Humidity increases as the temperature goes up because it causes water to evaporate and it excites the motion of air molecules. When the temperature cools, the moisture gets pulled towards cold surfaces.

Inside your home, nothing tends to be colder than the windows, since they’re directly exposed to the outside. Thus moisture gathers on the windows. Many people wonder if this is a leak. It’s not. You can tell the difference between condensation and a leak because condensation looks like static beads, while leaks are streaks that fall downward.

So what does condensation mean for me?

Besides a slight annoyance that obstructs your view, condensation doesn’t usually signal anything else besides simple humidity. The inside of your home becomes more humid when you cook, take a shower, or clean. That said, there are some problems that you might need to look for if you have foggy windows.

  • Leaks: If you haven’t been running the water much, and you still have foggy windows, it might mean that water is coming in through a leak. This could be a hole in the roof or a leaky or burst pipe.
  • Insulation Failure: Most windows get sealed up through a process called glazing. The glaze is a clear chemical that you apply around the corners to completely close up any cracks. If the glazing fails, then water can get in through your windows. If only one window in your home is fogging up, it possibly means that you have failed glazing.
  • Poor Ventilation: Proper ventilation keeps the air moving in your home. This prevents it from staying on contact with cold surfaces for very long, which reduces condensation.

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What can I do to stop condensation?

If you want to stop condensation, first check that you don’t have leaks in the home. Should it turn out that you do, call a repair service to fix them. If the fogginess persists afterward, or if you don’t have any leaks in the first place, try some other methods.

  • Air Filters: The filters in your ventilation system can get clogged up over time. This can cause moisture to pool, and eventually lead to increased humidity. Replace the filters every 90 days or so.
  • Dehumidifiers: You can get a machine called a dehumidifier. It cycles air through a box, where the moisture gets trapped in a reservoir. Make sure to empty the reservoir outside of the house, or to pour it down a drain. Otherwise, you’re just releasing the water back into the air.
  • Glazing: If the glazing failed, you can reapply a layer. Follow all of the instructions to ensure that it performs as well as possible.
  • Ventilation: Maintain high air flow. This means putting fans in the most humid areas of the house, including the kitchen and the bathroom. As a temporary solution, you can open up a door or window and turn on an oscillating fan.

Highly efficient windows

Are the windows in your home relatively old? If so, they’re not insulated. This means that they’re colder that they should be, which increases condensation. You want to make sure that your windows are as insulated as possible. Not only does this reduce fogginess on cold days, but it also makes it easier to heat or cool your house in extreme weather. This saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Where to get help for condensation

Home ventilation, heating, and energy efficiency are certainly projects that you can try to take on yourself. However, they go far beyond simple carpentry or plumbing repairs. If you want to get rid of foggy windows, or at least reduce them as much as possible, you need to turn to the experts. The team here at High Performance Homes is just who you want on your side.

We’ve got years of experience in doing all sorts of projects for homeowners. While we’re most well-known for our roofing services, we can also install windows in Vancouver and do a host of other things. This generalized expertise works in your favor since we know where to look for heat inefficiency, water leaks, mechanical failures, and other factors that lead to foggy windows. You can engage us for one fix or multiple ones a time.

The High Performance Homes Difference

Why should you choose High Performance Homes over all of the other outfits in the area? We partner with the right people. Whenever possible, we buy locally, preferring items made in Oregon and Washington. If they’re not available we source things from elsewhere in the USA. This is part of our commitment to supporting the economy in everything that we do. We also uphold a strong dedication to preserving the quality of the environment, which also means that our practices are safer for your family.

Getting started with High Performance Homes is simple and easy. All you have to do is give us a phone call or fill out the contact form on this website. We’ll work with you to set up a free consultation and determine what you need and how to make it happen. At this consultation, you get an honest estimate and we explain everything in plain English so you understand every step of the process. Don’t put up with annoyances any longer, get High Performance Homes on the job today.



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