5 Questions to Ask About Roofing

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5 Questions to Ask About Roofing

Your house is by far your greatest investment. The quality of roofing over your head protects that investment and the people you care about.

That’s why you need to ask the right questions before replacing your roof, making repairs, or building your first roof from scratch.

The best roofing contractors will have ready answers to your roofing questions. Whether you’re wondering how to schedule the roofing project around summer vacation, or what kind of shingles are the  most energy-efficient, here are some great questions to ask your High Performance Homes contractor.

1. How long will my roofing project take?

A number of factors go into a new roofing project. After taking into careful consideration the right weather window, plus the size and complexity of the project, any given roof can take 1 to several days of completion. When contracting for a new roof installation, plan to be there to see the project through start to finish, and be sure to schedule it well before any planned vacation.

Also, plan ahead for the right season. Avoid scheduling a roof installment during a typically rainy season. Usually a safe bet is to pencil-in projects for the summer or early fall.

2. How will the new roof affect ventilation?

There’s no better time to talk about ventilation than when you’re having a new roof installed. Ask your contractor about ventilation needs, especially for leak-prone spaces like the attic. Homeowners with less-than-adequate ventilation in their roofs can develop structural issues like ice dams in winter months, which in turn can cause leaks.

Ask your contractor for more information about how to keep your roof breathable.

3. What steps should I take to prepare for roofing?

There are several ways to arrange for your new roof project. For starters, make sure the roof is accessible to the contractors and laborers.

Tree branches or leafy debris might slow down the project. For more ways on how to prepare for a roof replacement, go over the checklist.

4. Is my new roof energy efficient?

One surefire way to get the most out of both your investment and your energy bill is to look for the Energy Star label. Energy Star-rated shingles from Owens Corning have shown to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Owens Corning shingles that come in Shasta White deflect sunlight are best for keeping a cool home with less dependence on air conditioning.
You can also ask about recycling your old shingles and other methods of disposal.

5. How will roofers handle skylights, chimneys, or other protrusions?

Along with attics, other features of a house like skylights and chimneys can also be susceptible to leaks. Roofers install metal flashing and kick-outs, and drip-edges to keep these places water-tight. Be sure to ask your roofing crew to carefully remove the old flashing before replacing it with a new piece.

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