5 Things to Help You Prepare for a Roof Replacement

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Roofing Vancouver WA

Roofing Vancouver WA

Preparing for a New Roof

Getting a new roof is inherently rewarding. It adds major value to a home, improves overall weatherization, resets the clock on replacement, and rejuvenates the look of the house.

Plus, if you have the work done by a reputable roofing contractor, it means that the house is protected by robust materials that won’t fail before they’re predicted to.

But, the nature of rewards is that they often come at a cost. And to avoid talking about that would leave homeowners unprepared and ultimately disappointed in their investment. At High Performance Homes, we want to make sure that our clients are fully prepared for the roof replacement experience, not just the result.

Homeowners who have made the decision to replace their roof are already on the right track towards responsible homeownership. And correct preparation goes hand-in-hand with that ‘plan-ahead’ mentality. So, it shouldn’t be hard to follow these simple guidelines to make the process as pleasant as possible.

If you still have questions about the experience, talk to friends or relatives who have had similar work done. Though everyone’s experience varies slightly, other homeowners can offer valuable insight into how you can prepare for your own.

1. Clearing the Way

Roofers need clear access to the whole roof. So that might mean clipping tree branches or removing shrubs and bushes, moving cars out of the driveway, and even giving notice to your neighbors. Roofing materials sometimes need to be boom lifted onto the top of the house in order for workers to install them.

So, check with your contractor to see if any trees might create an access problem. Don’t worry. There might be a workaround but if not, you’ll want to have a plan before they get started.

2. Protecting Your Belongings

There is a massive amount of debris that needs to be removed from the outer and under layers of the old roof before the new roof can be installed. Experienced roofing contractors will provide sheeting and drop boxes to catch falling shingles and wood pieces. But if there are any sensitive features like porches, patio furniture, or gardens, be sure to think about protecting them by leaning plywood or other sturdy material against the house to work as a “slide” before demo day.

The same goes for any valuable items you have stored in your attic. If anything, they may get a little dusty.

3. Making Room

Shingles and wood may need to be delivered before the actual work begins. Ask your¬†contractor if they’ll need a place to store the materials prior to the start date and determine which areas of the yard are usable for this purpose.

4. To Vacation or Not to Vacation?

Roof replacement takes between two and five days to complete, depending on the size and complications involved. So, experienced roofers like High Performance Homes take steps to protect properties during the construction process.

But no matter how long it takes, a roof tear-off is a big project that involves a bit more commotion than you’re probably used to. It’s entirely up to the occupants to decide whether they want to be home during the reroofing process or not.

5. Check the Weather

Your roofing contractor will keep an eye on the forecast, as rain can cause damage to the interior of the house or schedule delays. And remember that in this area, even summer can bring unexpected days of rain.

Checking All the Boxes Before Starting Your Roofing Project

High Performance Homes checks all the boxes for you when it comes to preparing, performing, and checking the quality of a roof replacement.

Talk to us about how we bring professionalism and value to our roofing projects in Vancouver, Washington. We look forward to helping your home perform better.




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