Different Types of Shingles for Every Home

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What is the difference between various types of roofing shingles?

When you picture a house in your mind, the first thing you think if probably isn’t the roof. People tend to focus on the exterior walls, trim, and windows first. Roofing gets overlooked, and that’s a shame. You roof keeps the rain off of your head and it can really tie the look of your home’s exterior together. Did you know that you have many options when it comes to choosing your roofing material? Learn what you need to know about selecting different roofing tiles.

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What to look for in shingles

There’s more to shingles than simply covering the top of a building. Each model has its own strengths and advantages. Considering which ones are right for your situation makes it easy to select your roofing material. One handy way to tell if a certain model is right for you is to look at its certifications and the strength of any warranties that the manufacturer offers.

  • Wind warranty: Have you ever seen footage of shingles flying off of the roof in a tornado or hurricane? The wind warranty of each type of tyle is a measure of how confident the manufacturer is in its ability to withstand fast winds. The tornado that hit Vancouver in 2008 reached speeds of up to 110 mph, but generally the Portland Metro area sees light winds that don’t exceed 65 mph.
  • Fire rating: Fire is a more serious concern in the Pacific Northwest, especially in the summer when the local forests tend to blaze. The fire rating class is a scale of letter ratings, with “A” being the best.
  • Algae resistance: If the manufacturer warrants their shingles against algae damage, that shows their confidence in the shingles’ ability to hold up to growth. This region is very moist, especially during the winter and spring rains. If algae takes hold it can compromise the integrity of your roof.

Various models of shingles

Now that you understand the basics of what to look for in your roofing material, you can start to compare different brands. Each one has features and benefits that make it ideal for specific projects. There are many other criteria to consider, including cost, durability, appearance and more.

Ecoasis Premium Solar Reflective Shingles

This model is notable due to its extreme resistance qualities. It’s rated for withstanding wind speeds of up to 110 mph and has limited warranties available for speeds of up to 130 mph. The Ecoasis Premium line is also highly resistant to flames. Its Class A rating makes it useful for people who live near drier wooded areas or on the plains. Tests show that these shingles can even withstand hailstones striking them at up to 90 mph.

SBS asphalt used in making these shingles gives their granules better adhesion and prevents water from seeping under the shingles. They’re treated with an algaecide to inhibit fungal growth. The 3M reflective design reflects more light than regular tiles. This keeps the building from heating up too much during the warm season.
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Legacy SBS Modified Superior Laminate Shingles

These eshingles have the same ratings for resisting wind, fire and hailstones as the Ecoasis Premium line. What sets them apart is the high level of fiberglass in the base. It makes the shingles much stronger while retaining a measure of its flexibility.

Northwest XL Reliable Laminate Shingles

This type of roofing shingle is a more economical option compared to the Ecoasis and Legacy models. It features a lower wind rating than the other two, but it still withstands virtually any wind that lows throughout Oregon and Washington. They also don’t ahve the same level of fire resistance. One benefit to opting for the Northwest XL Reliable shingles is their vivid granules. These specially selected ceramic particles from 3M have brilliant colors that add an attractive look to the outside of your home.

Turn your home into The Zone

The Zone is a feature that increases the acceptable nailing area of a shingle tile by up to three times its normal size. That prevents the majority of installation mistakes. Nailing into the wrong section allows water to seep through, and can ultimately lead to mold and rot spreading throughout your home. Scotchgard’s The Zone design takes away the uncertainty of your roofing installations projects.

Where to get your roof done

High Performance Homes, Inc. is the Pacific Northwest’s most esteemed source of roofing material and installations. We carry all of the models listed above. We’ve been in business for years and employ a skilled, highly trained specialists who get the job done right the first time. Our expertise extends beyond the roof. We also install siding, windows and patio doors. Basically, if it goes outside the building, it’s in our wheelhouse.

We’ve done projects throughout the Northwest. Our jobs run the gamut from the Pacific Coast to near the Idaho border. We go up past Seattle and down below Eugene. Each of these regions has different climatic conditions, and we work to ensure that every project resists the elements and maintains its beautiful appearance.

Call us or use the contact form on this site to setup an appointment. We give free consultations to discuss the specifics of your jobs. It’s normal to have questions about your home projects, and the members of our team are experts that have the expertise to explain every step of the process to you.

We understand and operate according to best business practices, especially for the local area. Our team uses eco-friendly materials whenever possible. After you sit down for us, you have all the information you need to get your project started. Your house isn’t complete until it’s got a roof. Despite what you might think at first, the right roof saves you money and energy on your heating bill, protects you from the environment and can make your home more attractive. Call High Performance Homes, Inc today and let us make your vision a reality.



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