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Why House Windows in Vancouver Get Foggy in the Rain

Posted on by High Performance Homes Inc

What to do about foggy windows in Vancouver, WA If you’re like most people, you probably remember drawing smiley faces in the condensation that formed on your bedroom window. Now that you’re an adult, foggy windows are usually just an annoyance. You want a view of your yard or neighborhood, not of a collection of […]

Different Types of Shingles for Every Home

Posted on by High Performance Homes Inc

What is the difference between various types of roofing shingles? When you picture a house in your mind, the first thing you think if probably isn’t the roof. People tend to focus on the exterior walls, trim, and windows first. Roofing gets overlooked, and that’s a shame. You roof keeps the rain off of your […]

Why the U-Factor of Your Windows Matters

Posted on by High Performance Homes Inc

Decreased Energy Loss Means a Lower Electrical Bill To the chagrin of many homeowners, a house’ windows are a prime source of heat loss. This can mean that you spend more on keeping your home warm in the winter. Less advanced windows also let more heat in in the summer, which leads to running your […]

5 Questions to Ask About Roofing

Posted on by High Performance Homes Inc

5 Questions to Ask About Roofing Your house is by far your greatest investment. The quality of roofing over your head protects that investment and the people you care about. That’s why you need to ask the right questions before replacing your roof, making repairs, or building your first roof from scratch. The best roofing […]

5 Things to Help You Prepare for a Roof Replacement

Posted on by High Performance Homes Inc

Preparing for a New Roof Getting a new roof is inherently rewarding. It adds major value to a home, improves overall weatherization, resets the clock on replacement, and rejuvenates the look of the house. Plus, if you have the work done by a reputable roofing contractor, it means that the house is protected by robust […]

What are the Different Types of Siding?

Posted on by High Performance Homes Inc

What are the different types of siding? The first step when it comes to siding replacement is knowing when you need it. Siding is like any other component of your home—it isn’t designed to last forever, and the cheaper the siding you buy, the faster it wears out. Siding is a crucial piece of your home […]


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