Why Don’t My Windows Drain When It Rains?
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Sometimes small things can turn into big problems. Clogged window drains are one of those items. If they are left unrepaired, mold can grow and it can turn into major repares in the future.

What are window drain holes?

Window drain holes are called weepholes. Window weepholes are found on the exterior of the frame. The purpose weepholes serve is to allow water to drain from the interior to the exterior of the frame. The design is to run rain water off the windows and away from the house. Otherwise,water will build up in the sindowsill. When weepholes are clogged water is unable to drain, building up inside your home, causing the perfect enviorment for algae and mold to grow.

Do Weepholes let air into my house?

No. Weepholes were designed with a one-way valve. There are small flaps that cover the weepholes. They open to allow the water to dain out, then close again. The exterior holes and interior holes do not line up, which helps obstruct the air.

What Causes the Weepholes to Not Work Properly?

Inproper installation is the main cause for malfunctioning weepholes on new windows. The windows were most likely installed upside down.  If the windows are older, the weepholes may be plugged shut from dirt, leaves, dead bugs, or building materials such as caulking or building debris.

What is the regular maintenace needed on weepholes?

Once a year before the rain begins, so for Portlander’s in October, inspect your weepholes. Make sure the holes are clean and the sill is free of obstructions. Use a vacuum or soft-bristled brush to clean the holes if necessary. Clean them gently so you dont damage the flaps.

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