When should I replace my roof?
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Your roof is an essentail home improvement. The roof is your umbrella to your home. The average roof lasts 17.85 years. So if your home was built in the 1990’s it is most likey due for a replacement.

You should replace your roof first- you live in Oregon!

If your roof needs to be replaced, put it at the top of your rennovation list. Oregons consistent rain can cause rot and mold to grow in your wood, drywall and insulation in your attic. Proper roof installation is the most important part of getting your roof redone.

Proper Installation Process

  • Full Tear Off
  • Replace all rotted boards
  • New 30 pound felt
  • Then you can install the New shingles
  • New flashing
  • New valley metals

Roof Terminology:

  • Roof Square- A unit of measure equalling 100 square feet.
  • Root Vent- The vent runs along the ridge of the roof, so that the roofing does not buckle and deteriorate over time.
  • Shingles- also called the composition.

For a complete Anatomy of a Roof click here.

What is the best season to replace my roof?

Roofers are amazing- and this is why we pay them to do our roofs. Here in Oregon, we do roofs all year round. Experts can shoehorn a roofing job between rains. A successful “shoehorn” is done by having a large roof team who can do a roof in phases, which take hours instead of days, at at ime. Yet another reason to think twice before doing your own roofing job.


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