What Window to Put in a Shower
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There are special considerations when adding a window to your shower. The natural light you get from a window can help brighten your bathroom, but challenges can occur when placing a window near moisture, and you should also think about peeping Toms.


Having a window in the shower can provide great ventatltion when you need it, making it easier to air out your bathroom, or clear out steam from a hot shower quickly.  If you want a window that opens in your shower, a good choice is a window that can open from the top, above the spray line of the shower. This will prevent water pooling in the base of your window.


A window in your shower can cause a loss of privacy. Here are some glass reccomendations that can reduce visability in:

Obsqured Glass

Obsqured glass is a beautiful option to reduce visabilty while allowing natural light to come through. Rain Glass and Blue Chip glass make excellent options for a shower window. See image below.

A Safe Option

Tempured glass is the same as you windshield. If for some reason your window was to break, from a fall  or some other unforseen accident, the glass crumbles into small chunks and doesn’t shatter into glass shards.


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