What is the Purpose of Argon in Windows?
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Most replacement windows in 2012 are double pane. A double pane window is a window that has two peices of glass with space inbetween them commonly filled with air. The decision of what your window pane is filled with can either reward you or haunt you for many decades. Argon gas greatly affects the way your windows perform. It could also make your windows qualify for federal or state energy credits that would reduce the cost of your project.

What is Argon?

Argon is a gas.

The purpose of Argon gas in Windows

Argon is 35% denser than air. The gas further slows the transfer of heat from inside the window to the outside.  The Argon gas is installed inside the sealed space between the two or three peices of glass.

Is there any Environmental Effects of Argon?

There is no known ecological damage caused by argon. Argon gas occurs naturally  in the environment.

Furthure Increase Efficiceny

You can choose to enhance the efficiency of your new windows by getting windows with UV-filtering films and low emissivity (also known as low-e). Low-e coating filters infared radiation which keeps the sun from heating the house in the summer and prevents heat loss in the winter. The UV film filters out ultraviolet light (UVA-UVB) and reduces the damage sunlight can do to interior fabircs, artwork and surfaces.

To see a live demonstration of efficiency click here.


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