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Sliding Patio Doors
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Sliding Patio Doors

This style of patio door slides smoothly back and forth. Because the door doesn’t swing out, it saves space, so this is a great option for smaller areas. We offer both classic and contemporary sliding patio door styles.

Common Questions About Patio Doors

What are the key benefits of a sliding patio door?

The key benefits of a sliding patio door is that it provides access to the outside, natural light and fresh air. Sliding patio doors also do not require additional space to function. This means you can enjoy this patio door in a room without a lot of space. A sliding patio door includes a screen, so you can leave your door open and enjoy a comfortable breeze without worrying about insects getting inside.

Architectural Compatibility

The predecessor of the sliding patio door is the panel door in traditional Japanese architecture. The Mid-century modern era brought in the large glass panels.  And today, because of its classic or contemporary styling, sliding patio doors blend into almost any home design.

What rooms are best for sliding patio doors and why?

Sliding patio doors are ideal for any room that needs access to an outside patio, deck  or balcony. Sidelites and headers can be added to create an expansive view for the back of your home.

Patio Door Tip

Our sliding patio doors are designed to easily glide back and forth, so you don’t have to put too much muscle into opening and closing a door. However, for older adults, they may feel more comfortable with a hinged door that easily swings outward or inward.

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