Low-E Argon Facts
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Low-E  coatings are applied to windows to make them more energy-efficient. Low-e coatings are metal or metallic oxide and “virtually invisible”. Argo, a clear nontoxic and ordorless glas, can be applied inbetween two window panes to provide increased thermal insulation.

Did you know?

Low-e argon windows are available in different glazings; high, moderate and low solar gain. The University of Minnesota reports that high solar gain glazing is best suited for cold climates. Low solar gain coating are best suited for warm climates. The glazing blocks heat transfer, the amount of heat trasmitted will vary depending on the glazing.


Low-e argon windows are beneficial because they increase the overall insulating value of windows, notes Kansas State University’s Engineering Extension.  Clear glass without a low-e coating has an emissivity rating around .85. With a low-e coating, that rating drops to about .15.

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