How To Make Your Windows Seem Longer and Bigger
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What you will need:

  • Paper Towels or a cotton cloth
  • Window cleaner
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Extended Curtain Rods
  • Extra long curtains
  • Mirror

1. Clean you windows throughouhly. Use the window cleaner and paper towels or cloth to allow the maxium amount of light and outside scenery to enter. Windows that are clean on both sides bring in increased light and a feeling of space. White window frames reflect light, so a throughough cleaning increases the percieved amount of light the window provides.

2. Decide if your window needs to seem longer or wider.

To make you window seem longer place your curtain rod 4-6 inches above your window frame. Depending on your desired effect, you could place your rod near the ceiling to dramaticly increase the hight of your window. Hang long curtains which can hang from the ceiling to the floor. This creates a visual flow that carries the illusion both upward and downward so the window feels as long as possible.

If want your window to seem wider, purchase a rod that is 8-12″ longer than your window frame. That way you can fill the extra 4-6″ on each side of the window with fabric. This overly large framing creates an elongaed look and emphasizes the window opening, so it appears larger than it really is.

3. Install blinds or window treatment that best fit your design needs.  Vertical blinds will increase the length of your window. Horizontal blinds increase the width.

4. Enjoy your new, clean, and visually longer or bigger window!



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