Hit the Road Jack! Thermal Window Technology Lessens Menace of Jack Frost
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The frost patterns on your window might be pretty, but they're not helping you save any energy. Energy efficient windows provide an effective barrier from inclement weather. Photo courtesy of Callie Reed.

While frost on the windows might be beautiful, it is not exactly cosy. High Performance Window technology provides an efficient and effective barrier from inclement weather.  Triple Pane Windows can reduce energy loss by up to 40 percent compared to the commercially available single pane window.

Each year, windows account for and estimated 4 quadrillion Btu of energy lost in U.S. buildings, totaling over $35 billion in heating and air conditioning costs ( Innovations like the triple pane window holds promise to boost both savings and comfort.

What makes these new energy efficient windows really innovative is that they include a thermally optimized frame design,  enhanced frame cavities, wider thermal breaks, and high performance glazing. The combination of these and other technologies make these windows stand up to moisture, exposure, and sound abatement- which makes them a good fit for hospitals, schools and people who live near busy roads or airports.

The innovation of the triple pane window brings America closer to meeting the Department of Energy’s goal of improving the energy performance of windows by 60 percent in 2020- all while keeping Mr.Frost outside.

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