Ecoasis 40 year Solar Reflective Shingles








  • 40 Year Limited Material Warranty
  • 80 mph (119 kph) Limited Wind Warranty
  • 110 mph (177 kph) Enhanced Wind Warranty Available
  • Your Choice™ Warranty Program
  • 7  year Right Start™ Warranty
  • The Malarkey Ecoasis™ shingles hold a Class ‘A’ Fire Rating, the very best fire rating achievable.
In partnership with the City of Portland, Malarkey received the State of Oregon’s Governor’s Award for energy conservation for its installation of a methane recovery pipeline. This recycling system reduces its consumption of natural gas, a non-renewable fossil fuel, by up to 80 percent. Additionally, to reduce its carbon footprint and support the environment, Malarkey offers several roofing materials that may qualify for LEED points.
Ecoasis™ shingles use reflective granules which meet or exceed the minimum reflectance as required by the California Energy Commission and are listed by CRRC as a “Cool Roof.” Ecoasis™  promotes energy savings and global warming alleviation while complying with green building programs.
One of the most critical aspects of a successful roofing project is correct shingle installation. Improper fastener placement is the leading cause of incorrect shingle installation and can subsequently void the warranty.The Ecoasis™  is manufactured using the patented ZONE® technology which includes a tapered nailing area over three times larger than other laminate shingles. The ZONE’s® larger nailing area dramatically improves correct fastener placement. Visit our video library to understand the Zone® difference.
(A)* 3M Classic Roofing Granules: reflect less solar energy which may cause more heat to be transferred into a building.
(B)* 3M Cool Roofing Granules: reflect more solar energy away from the roof which can help lower air conditioning costs and improve indoor comfort levels.



*Reflectance rates calculated using 3M reflectivity test methods. Actual reflective results for asphalt shingles made with 3M Cool Roofing Granules will vary by application.



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